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About The Martial Space Learning Centre

The Martial Space Learning Centre is an add on to Martialspace.com. It is a place where martial artists can come to search and find online courses to take & it is also a place where instructors can join and upload courses to teach from their respective style. 
Live streaming options available for live classes , instructors can offer free or they can charge.

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Live Streaming Options Available

At The Martial Space Learning Centre we realize how it goes with the way things are due to the pandemic. We do have live streaming options available for our clients.

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Join today as a student or instructor

Students join free & Pay for courses as they wish or pay for online streaming classes offered by selected instructors. Instructors join and add your courses and choose your payment methods

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Different Styles & Fit Your Lifestyle

You can watch or teach from anywhere. This makes life so convenient in, not only a busy life, but in a world of the pandemic restrictions too.

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Plugin & Start Learning

Join today and begin an online journey at your leisure and learn styles and systems of martial arts from instructors all over the globe.

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A 5 star Online Experience

We offer a 5 star experience for students & instructors in the online education world, on a platform that is dedicated to the martial arts.

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Can anyone join? Are martial space members already added as members to the learning centre?

yes, anyone can join the platform. When you join, you will have to specify wether you are a student or an instructor.

If you are a member of martial space then you will by default be a member of this site, under the role of a student.

If you want to be an instructor then you will have to join as an instructor. Once you are an instructor you can upload courses and stream

How do payments work for instructors?

Just simply add your payment payout options. When you sell a course you get the money but pay a small commission.

If you don’t want to pay a commission then you can sign up under the monthly membership options.

How does streaming work?

If you are an instructor and wish to utilize the streaming option then you can go ahead and do so by signing up for it. The service has different monthly packages that you can choose from, based off of your needs and requirements.

What are total viewed hours?

Total viewed hours are total hours watched x total number of people watching = total viewing hours

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