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Stop struggling with searching all different platforms that are not dedicated to the martial arts and dive into an unparalleled online learning experience.

Flexible schedule and environment

Lower cost with more choice of course

Work from Anywhere, at any time

Teach Students World Wide

Offer Encrypted Live Streaming Classes

Become an Instructor

  • Benefits Included
  • Teach students around the world and increase audience¬†
  • Offer an online solution for live classes to existing students
  • Create content and courses to sell to students worldwide
  • Issue certificates, Issue assignments, Quizes and much more
  • Earn Revenue and pay only a small processing fee

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II am able to provide classes & upload courses for students that I already have, which has helped greatly during the pandemic, but also have been able to gain new students. Martial Space Learning Acadamy is a great place.

Gene Desepoli
Kung Fu Instructor
I use this platform to upload & have my courses available to students world wide. The feature to offer free streaming classes and encrypted secured paid streaming options, means a lot to me & gives me flexibility & my students as well in their online learning journey.

Jorge Benjumea
Founder and Director of Balbuena Martial Arts Elite Frontiers

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