Why Us?

Why Us?

1. Detailed Video Courses

With us you as a student can take courses where your instructor can have you, the student, upload videos to be tested for the movements shown in each lesson. You can be tested on theory through quizzes or submit a paper that can be requested by your instructor. As an instructor, you have the option to add quizzes, essay submissions and video submissions after each lesson to make sure your students are doing the movements correctly and understand the theory as well. This isn’t order a video and you are on your own. Well that is up to the instructor uploading the course on the options , but those are options that are available so it makes it much more indepth and a valuable learning experience.  Your instructor can create groups and even offer live streaming classes to touch on material from the lessons.

2. Integrated Zoom

From the instructor dashboard our instructors are able to offer zoom classes right from our site and provide students with a link to your zoom meeting.

3. Teach Globally

Usually , before the rise of the internet, we could and would only teach locally. Since the pandemic many people still want to train and schools and instructors are looking for online solutions, that also brings a benefit of being able to teach worldwide to students that wish to learn from anywhere in the world.

4. Charge For Your Courses

Charge money for your courses and we charge a 3% processing transaction fee, the rest you keep. Add 3% to the planned cost of the course so it doesn’t take from what you, as an instructor, have in mind to earn per registration. Remember, you can charge monthly as well as charge one time cost, depends on what kind of course you wish to offer.

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